• Flatbed 48’ & 53’   Payload 48-50,000lbs.  (California Legal)
  • Flatbed stretch 48’ – 80’ extended.  Payload 43,000lbs  (California Legal)
  • Step Deck 48’ 51’ & 53’ with ramps  (tandem and tri axle)  Payload up to 80,000lbs (California Legal)
  • Double Drop with 30’ in the well. Payload 75,000 lbs  (California Legal)
  • RGN Stretch 26’ – 44’ in the well.  Payload 95,000lbs (California Legal)
  • RGN 30’ in the well.  Payload 125,000 lbs. (East Cost only)
  • RGN –Modular Deck up to 50’ in the well.  Payload 170,000lbs  (California Legal to 140,000lbs.)
    Pneumatic 1050 cube.

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